Nov 172009

You’re probably familiar with the terms Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Mommy and Sugar Pup, but just what is a Sugar Angel?

We’re glad you asked.

A Sugar Angel is a full-time Sugar Baby, but one that brings a lot more to the table than just breathtaking beauty. She is poised, intelligent and has star power. She’s the type of woman you can count on to get you on “The List” at the hottest nightclub in Manhattan, to schmooze your law partners into intoxicated trances, and to turn every head, male or female, when she walks into the room.

The Sugar Angel

The Sugar Angel

Sugar Angels are indeed a rare breed. They take pride in their chosen profession and work to stay ahead of the game. She can usually speak more than one language, reads the WSJ on the elliptical trainer every morning without fail, and attends Pilate’s classes with the dedication of an Olympic athlete.

The Sugar Angel can tell the difference between a Harry Winston and a cubic zirconia from a block away. She can confidently order from a wine list, even if it’s in Italian, and her wardrobe is so extensive that no one alive has ever seen her wear the same thing twice.

Her past is mysterious and she is adept at keeping her personal life private, but she is consistent, dependable and a consummate professional. She is meticulous and punctual without sacrificing passion for life.

The Sugar Angel has been to the Cannes Film Festival more than once and is always ready to tell you about her last trip to Vail. She seems to know everyone no matter where she goes and makes loyal friends with a single glance of her piercing blue eyes. You can’t help but love her. Her charms cannot be resisted.

The Sugar Angel’s looks are flawless, from her perfect face down to her always pedied feet, but hold onto your hats gentlemen; she definitely doesn’t come cheap.

If you don’t have a budget of at least $20,000 a month, don’t bother pushing the “send” key on that next e-mail. She takes you seriously so take her seriously. However, for the man fortunate enough to afford the very best, there is no substitute for the Sugar Angel. She is the limited edition Mercedes of the Sugar Daddy dating scene.

Oh, and one last thing, she never negotiates.

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